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Wills and Estate Planning

Camden Estate Planning Attorney

Cherry Hill Wills Lawyer

Helping Families in New Jersey Plan for the Future

Estate planning can be an uncomfortable but necessary process in order to protect your assets and family. An experienced estate planning lawyer can assist you in determining the types of documents that may best preserve your assets and legacy, while providing support throughout the process.

Our lawyers at Kearney & Martone are dedicated to helping clients prepare themselves and their estates for the future and ensure that they are protected in the event that something unforeseen occurs. We are skilled advocates who can explain all aspects of the estate planning process and help clients choose the proper structure.

Camden and Cherry Hill Wills Attorney

A will is the easiest way to communicate your wishes for your estate. However, depending on the size of your estate, a simple will may not be the best way to protect yourself and your assets. Our firm can review your situation and see if a simple will is enough.

Our firm also creates advanced health care directives on behalf of our clients. Once referred to as living wills, health care directives give detailed instructions on how your medical care should be handled in the event that you cannot communicate your wishes yourself.

Trust Attorneys in New Jersey

Having an established and funded trust may help to avoid some estate taxes and the probate process. Having established a trust, you can ensure that your assets and property are preserved and passed on to the correct beneficiaries, whether that is children, other family or charitable organizations. The trust documents can detail how and when the assets are distributed.

Powers of Attorney

In the event that you may be unable make decisions for yourself in the future, it may be beneficial to have appointed someone with power of attorney over you. You can have an individual for financial power of attorney and one for health care power of attorney. These can be different individuals or the same, but all individuals with power of attorney should have your best interests at heart.

  • We also handle post-death matters for families, such as probate, will contests and estate litigation.

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