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Sex Crimes

South Jersey Sex Crimes Lawyers

Have you been charged with a sex crime?

Solicitation, sexual battery, Prostitution, sexual assault, molestation, child pornography, rape and stalking are all serious sex crime charges which can result in a defendant being labeled a “sexual offender” for life. Conviction for a sex offense will have a lifetime of adverse consequences. Sex offense registration is required in every state. In many communities, a registered offender cannot live in neighborhoods near schools or playgrounds.

Being charged with a sex crime can ruin a person’s reputation in a community, cause job termination, and destroy family relationships. The repercussions of a sex offense charge are endless. Even a totally innocent person suffers negative repercussions simply from the accusations. A person who is the subject of a sex offense investigation needs an expert criminal defense attorney with experience in the defense of sex crimes. Any contact by the police or the Department of Children and Family Services (DCF) needs to have the same highly competent representation by an expert criminal defense attorney.

If you have been charged with a sex crime you need the services of a criminal defense lawyer immediately. Evidence in such cases is often based solely upon the testimony of one person, or computer evidence or other evidence that can be challenged by a skilled attorney. We will review and evaluate all the evidence to identify the weaknesses in the prosecution’s case against you and determine the best strategy to employ for your defense.

Our criminal defense attorneys have a sound record of defending clients facing sex-related crime allegations. When a person accuses another of a sex crime, it can have tragic and long-term effects on the life of the defendant. Sex crime charges have varying degrees of severity. We understand this, and therefore, do everything possible to obtain the best result(s) in each case.

Our South Jersey sex crime law firm is committed to protecting clients’ rights and freedoms, and has an impressive record of success. Contact us at 856-547-7733.