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South Jersey Divorce Lawyers

Representing Clients in a Variety of Family Law Matters

Kearney & Martone have dedicated their practice to representing clients in family law matters in New Jersey.  Legal disputes among family members are often fraught with emotion, high tension, and stress.  At Kearney & Martone, we approach each case with respect and compassion.  Our South Jersey family lawyers are committed to helping our clients achieve positive outcomes in divorce and family legal disputes with minimal stress.

  • Divorce and Separation

Divorce is life-changing.  It can be emotionally and financially traumatic, but by hiring South Jersey divorce lawyers, Kearney & Martone you gain the advantage of having a team of highly skilled negotiators and litigators dedicated to protecting you, your children, and your future. Kearney & Martone will strive to minimize your stress and anxiety during divorce, while fighting to protect your interests and ensure the best possible outcome for you.

  • Child Custody and Parenting Time Disputes

Child custody and parenting time disputes during divorce often become contentious.  South Jersey divorce lawyers at Kearney & Martone understand that each family is unique, and we are dedicated to protecting the best interests of your children in a divorce or separation.

  • Abuse and Neglect, Child Protection and Permanency, DCPP (formerly DYFS)

South Jersey family lawyers at Kearney & Martone can be invaluable advocates for people who find themselves involved with abuse and neglect / DCPP matters.  Don’t let your child get lost in the system.  Our compassionate and resourceful attorneys can help you navigate the complicated process to ensure the best possible outcome for you and your family.

  • Domestic Violence

Victims of domestic violence often feel trapped and hopeless, but there is help available.  South Jersey family lawyers at Kearney & Martone can help you obtain a protective restraining order and take the necessary steps to ensure your safety.  We understand that domestic violence situations are potentially volatile, and our experienced family lawyers have the finesse and skills to successfully handle delicate domestic violence situations.

  • Alimony and Spousal Support

New Jersey alimony laws are designed to balance the economic consequences of divorce and allow each spouse to maintain the lifestyle that he or she enjoyed during the marriage.  New Jersey courts consider a myriad of factors when awarding alimony payments; including the length of a marriage, each spouse’s earning capacity, and the role and responsibility of each spouse during the marriage.  Decisions regarding alimony in New Jersey can be highly subjective.  South Jersey divorce lawyers at Kearney & Martone aggressively fight to protect our clients’ financial well-being after a divorce.

  • Same-Sex Marriage

South Jersey divorce lawyers at Kearney & Martone represent same-sex partners in divorce and dissolutions of civil unions or domestic partnerships.  Same-sex marriage laws are rapidly evolving, and our dedicated South Jersey family law attorneys are committed to ensuring that the rights of our clients are protected.

  • Division of Assets

Equitable distribution in New Jersey allows for marital property to be divided fairly in a divorce, which does not necessarily mean equally.  Experienced South Jersey divorce lawyers at Kearney & Martone can guide you through the discovery process to determine which of your assets constitute marital property, and which assets may be considered separate property, and therefore not subject to equitable distribution.  We protect our clients’ interests when dividing assets in a divorce.

  • Adoption

Growing your family through adoption can be very rewarding, and a sound legal adoption agreement will protect you and your family from potential complications.  South Jersey adoption lawyers at Kearney & Martone offer legal advice and representation for families in domestic adoption, international adoption, stepparent adoption, grandparent adoption, same-sex couple adoption, and foster care adoption.

  • Grandparents’ Rights

In New Jersey, grandparents may be entitled to visitation rights with a grandchild or grandchildren if they can prove to a judge that such visitation is in the best interests of the child or children.  South Jersey grandparents’ rights lawyers at Kearney & Martone have the knowledge and experience necessary to successfully represent clients seeking grandparents’ rights.

  • College Contribution Disputes

Parents in New Jersey may be required by law to contribute financially to their child’s post-secondary education if specific criteria are met.  Circumstances in each case are unique.  To ensure a positive outcome in a college contribution case, you need a family law attorney with experience in this particular aspect of New Jersey family law.  South Jersey divorce lawyers at Kearney & Martone have gained valuable knowledge and experience representing clients in high profile college contribution disputes in New Jersey.

South Jersey Divorce Lawyers at Kearney & Martone Provide all Types of Family Law Services

South Jersey divorce lawyers of Kearney & Martone are located in Haddon Heights, New Jersey.  We represent clients in divorce and family law matters throughout South Jersey including Camden County, Burlington County and Gloucester CountyContact Kearney & Martone online or call 856-547-7733 to schedule a confidential consultation with a reputable South Jersey divorce lawyer.